Scientific Session Day 1 Hall A

Session IImaging for Sinonasal Diseases8:00 am - 9:45 am
Chair: Prof. Mohibullah Khan
Co Chair: Prof. Taimoor Latif
Moderator: Dr Saeed Akhter
8:00 am
Sinonasal ImagingDr. Nabeel Hamayon, Karachi
8:20 am
Roadmap to FESSDr Shahzada Ahmad, UK
8:45 am - 9: 45 amConsensus Building Panel DiscussionPanelists: Mr. Shahzada Ahmad, Prof. N Prepagaren, Dr Nabeel Hamayoon, Brig Hakeem, Prof. M Said, Dr. Mughira, Prof. Dr. Zakirullah, Dr Ahmad Nawaz
Session 2State Of Art Lectures from World Renowned Faculty10:00am - 11.30 am
Chair: Prof. Tariq Rafi
Co Chair: Prof. Shaheen Malick
Moderator: Prof. Shahed Quraishi, UK
10:00 am Update on Management of RhinisinusitisProf. Claire Hopkins,UK
10:30 am Rhinoplasty: Advancing TechniquesProf. Hesham Saleh, UK
11:00 am- 11:30 pmAvoiding and Managing Carotid Injuries at Skull BaseProf. Satish Jain, India
Session 3FESS: Enhancing Skills11:45am - 1: 15 pm
Chair: Prof. Wajahat Bangash
Co Chair: Prof.Noveed Anjum
Moderator: Dr.Khurshid Alam
11:45 amAdvancing Skills in FESSProf. Islam Herzallah, Egypt
12:05 pmKey points in FESSMs. Catherine Rennie, UK
12:25 pm - 1:15 pmConsensus Building Panel DiscussionPanelists: Ms. Cathrine Rennie, Mr. Shahzada Ahmad, Prof. N Prepagaren, Prof Anjum Khawar, Maj. Gen. Shoaib Ahmad,prof. Naimatullah, Prof. Noveed Aslam,Dr. Saeed Akhter
Lunch Break
Session 4Access of Skull Base/ Orbit/ Transphenoidal/ CSF Repair2:30pm - 04:00 pm
Chair: Prof. Sameer Qureshi
Co-Chair: Prof. Zeba Ahmad
Moderator: Brig. M Rashid
2:30 pmRedefining Surgical Boundaries in Endoscopic Skull Base SurgeryProf. N Prepagaren
2.55 pmapproaches to Anterior Skull Base & OrbitDr Shahzada Ahmad, UK
3:20 pm - 4:00 pmConsensus Building Panel DiscussionPanelists:Dr Shahzada Ahmad, Prof. N Prepagaren, Mr. Asad Qayyum,Prof. Asmatullah, Brig. Maqbool Raza, Prof.Tariq Rafi, Dr. Akber Abbas, Prof. Mubasher Ikram, Prof. Mohammad Mujeeb
Coffee Break
Session 5Managing Complications of FESS4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Chair: Prof khalid Ashrafi
Co-Chair: Prof. M. Ajmal
Moderator: Dr Haissan Iftikhar
4:30 pmIntraoperative management of bleeding endoscopic sinonasal and Skull Base surgeryProf. N Prepagaren
4:55 pmAvoiding Complications and Pitfalls in FESS SurgeryMr. Asad Qayyum, UK
5:20 pm- 6 :00 pmConsensus Building Panel DiscussionPanelists:Dr Shahzada Ahmad, Prof. N Prepagaren, Mr. Asad Qayyum, Brig.(R) Nadeem ul Haq, Prof. Ghareeb Nawaz, Brig. (R) Rashid, Dr Ismail Hirani, Prof. khalid Mahmood, Maj. Gen Shoaib

Scientific Session Day 1 Hall B

07:45 amRegistration & Morning Coffee
Session 6Septoplasty; its not easy as it looks08:00 am to 09:45am
Chair: Prof M Ali Tirmizi
Co- Chair: Prof Maroof Aziz
Moderator: Prof Naveed Aslam
08:00 amPitfalls in SeptoplastyProf Mubashir Ikram, Karachi
08:25 amSeptoplasty: the current conceptsMr. Asad Qayuum
08:50 amconsensus building panel discussion Panelists: Mr. Asad Qayyum, Ms Catherine Rennie, Prof Taimoor Latif, Maj Gen (R) Nusrat, Prof Musharaf Baig, Prof Zakirullah, Dr. Faisal Bashir, Dr. Ahmed Nawaz, Prof Zafar Rabbani
10:30am - 11:00 am Coffee Break
Session 7Rhinoplasty & Facial Aesthetics - I11:45 am to 1:15 pm
Chair: Prof Amjad Ali
Co- chair: Prof Ismail Hirani
Moderator: Dr. Naveed Azhar
11:45 amCongenital Nasal Deformities and their correctionProf. Mamoon Rashid, Islamabad
12:15 pmUpdates on Facial AestheticsMr. Shahzada Ahmed, UK
12:45 pmRhinoplasty - from planning to executionDr. Arfat Jawaid
Inauguration / Prayer/ Lunch Break01:15 pm to 02:30 pm
Session 8Rhinoplasty & Facial Aesthetics - II02:30 pm to 04:00 pm
Chair: Prof Arshad Chohan
Co- Chair: Dr. Rai Saeed Khan
Moderator: Dr. Arfat Jawaid
02:30 pm Challenges in RhinoplastyDr. Naveed Azhar, Islamabad
02:45 pmAssessment for RhinoplastyMs Catherine Rennie, UK
03:10 pmConsenus Building Panel DiscussionPanelists:
Ms Catherine Rennie, Mr Asad Qayyum, Prof Mamoon Rashid, Dr. Naveed Azhar, Prof. M Ajmal, Dr. Sarfraz Latif, Dr. Imran Mohib Khan
Coffee Break04:00 pm to 04:30 pm
Session 9Sinonasal Systemic Diseases04:30 pm to 06:00pm
Co- Chair:
Prof. Anjum Khawar
Prof. M Shuja Farrukh
Moderator: Brig Maqbool Raza
04:30 pmAllergic- Invasive Fungal Rhinosinusitis; a new entryProf. M Mujeeb
04:50pmGranulomatous Diseases of NoseProf. Shahed Qureshi, UK
05:10 pmFungal Rhinusinusitis, experience from South PunjabBrig. Maqbool Raza, Rawalpindi
05:30 pm Consensus Building Panel DiscussionPanelists:
Prof. Shahed Qureshi, Ms Catherine Rennie, Prof M Mujeeb, Prof. Iqbal Hussain, Prof. Shaheen Malik, Dr. Adnan Khan, Dr. Tahniyat Ghiyas, Maj Gen (R) M Ashfaq
7:00 pm onwardsGalla Dinner

Scientific Session Day 2 Hall A

07:45 am Registration & Morning Coffee
Session 10Abbott Sponsored Session on Rhinology09:15 am to 12:00 pm
Chairperson: Dr. Nasrullah Rana
Co- Chair: Prof. M Irshad ul Haq
Moderator: Prof. Atif Hafeez
9:15 amManagement of Adenoids in ChildrenDr. Shayan Ansari
9:30 amChronic Rhinosinusitis, Laryngopharyngeal Reflux and GERDDr. Khurshid Alam
10:00 amURTI and Influenza VaccinationProf. Sameer Qureshi, Karachi
10:30 amRole of Clarithromycin in URTIProf. Ross Davidson, Canada
11:00 am Consensus in Management of SinusitisProf. Valerie Lund, UK
LUNCH/ PRAYER BREAK/ GROUP PHOTO12:00 pm to 01:00 pm
Session 11National Experts Sessions01:00 pm to 04:00 pm
Session Dedicated to ENT Specialists who lost their lives in COVID-19 Pandemic
Chair: Prof. Zainullah Kakar
Co- Chair: Prof. Iqbal Hussain
Moderator: Dr. Adnan Khan
01:00 pmTribute to Heros and Dua
01:20 pmSphenoid Sinus: What We Need To Know Before SurgeryProf. Atif Hafeez Siddiqui
01:40 pmMinimally Invasive Pituitary Surgery Without Nasoseptal Flap; Our ExperienceDr. Sohail Manzoor Abbasi
02:00 pmModified Suction-Assisted Technique of Transfer of Diced Cartilage Graft to Carrier Material and Outcome of Direct Injection of Unwrapped Diced Cartilage in RhinoplastyProf. Mustehsan Bashir
02:20 pmOur approach to a basic, safe and an effective Rhinoplasty Dr. Imran Mohib Khan
02:40 pmWidening of sinus ostia for surgical management of CRS: What is optimumDr. Ahmad Nawaz Ahmad
03:00 pmIs packing and stenting really necessary in nasal surgeries? A propective randomized analysisDr. Amna Enam
03:20 pmBrain sitting at the nose (nasal glial heterotopia) in toddlerDr. Manzoor
03:40 pmRhino-orbito-cerebral mucormycosis, Gray areas of management - A case seriesDr. Erum Shehzadi

Scientific Session Day 2 Hall B

07:45 amMorning Coffee
Session 12Trainee Papers Session08:30 am to 12:00 pm
Chair: Prof. Khalid Cheema
Co- Chair: Prof. Ghareeb Nawaz
Moderator: Prof. Azeem Aslam
08:00 amTrainee Papers
1Are nasal polyps associated with bacterial pathogens? Our experience at Civil Hospital
Dr. Fizza Qambar Abro
2Role of Probiotics in Patients with Allergic Rhinitis: A Systematic Review of Systematic
Dr. Muhammad Uzair Awan
3Facial nerve paralysis in patients with Rhino-cerebral-Mucormycosis; an unusual
presentation of disease
Dr. Afshan Aslam
4Endoscopic Repair of CSF Rhinorrhea: “Bath-Plug Technique” − Simpler But Superior
Dr. Danish Hassnain
5Maxillary artery clipping: a safe and cost-effective alternative to preoperative
embolization for hemostasis in nasopharyngeal angiofibroma excision- a case series
Dr. Syed Ahmed
Dr. Shahzaeem Hussain
6Comparison Hypertonic Saline and Normal Saline in the treatment of Chronic Sinusitis.Dr. Sana Qasim
7Chemosensory Dysfunction In COVID-19Dr. Tahir Ghulam Abbas
8Is Mucormycosis an Addition to Pandemic Spectrum: An Observational StudyDr. Abdul Sami
9Surgical orbital decompression for thyroid eye diseaseMr. Muhammad Hammad
10Validation of Rhinitis Control Assessment Test in Urdu LanguageDr. Maira Adeel
11Comparison of efficacy of FESS(functional endoscopic sinus surgery) with conventional
intranasal polypectomy in patients with nasal polyposis
Dr. Mohammad Moaviz Aslam
12Endoscopic management of Inverted Papilloma Dr. Sukhan Shahid
13An Institutional Experience of using Navigation during Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for
Advanced Cases of Sino-nasal Pathologies.
Dr. Ijaz Ali
14Effect of Non-Invasive Neuroelectric Stimulation of Oral Cavity for Obstructive Sleep
Apnoea: A Systematic Review
Dr. Muhammad Uzair Awan
15Primary Nasal Tuberculosis: A Systematic ReviewDr. Sumra Sattar
16Diagnostic Accuracy of Double Density Sign on CT Scan for Diagnosis of Sinonasal
Polyposis with Fungal Sinusitis taking Histopathology as Gold Standard
Dr. Areej Fatimah
11:00 amSharing Experience of Organizing Successful CoursesProf. Shahed Qureshi, UK
11:30 am360 Rhiology; My UK Fellowship ExperienceDr. Haissan Iftikhar, UK
LUNCH/ PRAYER BREAK/ GROUP PHOTO12:00 pm to 01:00 pm
Session 13Instructional Sessions by National Experts01:00 pm to 04:00 pm
01:00 pmSeptorhinoplastyDr. Arfat Jawaid
02:00 pmFESSProf. Naveed Aslam & Brig Maqbool Raza
03:00 pmCSF RepairProf. M Mujeeb & Brig M Rashid